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RESERVATIONS: To reserve space on this tour, contact your Travel Agent.

RATES: Tour rates are calculated according to transportation fares and accommodation rates in effect as of Jun. 01, 2018. Although efforts are made to maintain the tour rates as published, Tour Operator reserves the right to adjust prices at any time should this become necessary.

Airport Taxes, H.S.T. or G.S.T. are included and payable on final invoice at current rates, as imposed by Government Regulations.


Some tours may have other payment schedules and these will be advised at time of booking. G.S.T./H.S.T. attracts the same cancellation charges as the tour price. The charges become effective the day notice of Cancellation is received by Hanover Holidays during normal business hours. No exceptions to the above policy.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: Hanover Holiday Tours Limited will accept payment in the form of cheque, visa or mastercard. Cheques must be made payable to Hanover Holiday Tours Limited. If the credit card sale is declined, the customer will be informed immediately, and payment will be considered not received. Verbal authorization of the use of your credit card commits you to your reservation whether or not you have signed a credit card draft. Refunds will be processed by cheque. Hanover Holidays cannot accept payments via a third party credit card.

GOODS AND SERVICES TAX: The Canadian Government’s G.S.T. and/or H.S.T. may apply to the cost of your tour. Our reservations staff will advise your travel agent of the additional G.S.T./H.S.T. charges, if any, that apply to the cost of your tour. Hanover Holidays reserves the right to pass any Government changes to the tax structure on to the consumer.

CANCELLED TOURS: Occasionally not enough people book on a tour’s departure and the tour may have to be cancelled. If necessary, Hanover Holidays is committed to cancelling the tour 4 weeks prior to departure and each passenger booked will receive a full refund by check.

INSURANCE: Hanover Holidays strongly recommends the purchase of Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, and Comprehensive Assistance, Individual Accident Coverage, and Baggage and Personal Effects Insurance. Please consider your fellow travelers before leaving home ill.

DEPARTURE POINTS AND TIMES: Numerous towns and cities are used as departure points for each tour. One central joining point has been designated in each town in order to keep the departures simple and timely. It is expected that you can transport yourself to and from this central joining point. No parking allowances have been made at any pick up location. During instances of unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather, passengers may be called and asked to change their pick-up time. Passengers with emergencies, please call 800-265-5530. This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP: Canadian Citizens must carry proof of citizenship, in the form of Passport or WHTI-compliant document to cross a land or sea border into the United States. Flights into or through the U.S require a valid passport. Citizens of other countries or landed immigrants should check with their travel agent for requirements for entry into the United States. Entry into another Country is never guaranteed and is the discretion of the local authorities. Hanover Holidays can take no responsibility for a customer being denied entry into another country and Cancellation Charges must apply. Domestic flights require 2 pieces of government issued non photo i.d., with matching names and 1 must show date of birth and gender OR 1 piece of government issued i.d with photo, name, date of birth and gender.

SINGLE TRAVELLERS: Passengers with no travelling companion, but wishing to share accommodation, may book on a willing to share basis. Hanover Holidays will attempt to find a suitable partner, if a travelling companion is not found, the single rate will apply and must be paid in accordance to "Deposits and Payments" as above.

SPECIAL TRAVELLERS: Mentally or Physically challenged persons are welcome to travel with Hanover Holidays. Persons requiring special assistance must be accompanied by a companion to care for their needs. To travel on our tours it is expected that passengers are able to provide for their own personal care requirements unassisted. Please note some itineraries require good mobility to enjoy all aspects of the tour. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Children must be a minimum of 5 years of age on tours 7 days or less, or age 10 for tours longer than 7 days.

PRIVACY POLICY: Available on our website at www.hanoverholidays.com. Please note phone calls are recorded and monitored.

CURRENCY: All prices are shown in Canadian Dollars

SURCHARGES: In the event of an energy crisis and/or devaluation of the Canadian Dollar, all tours are subject to surcharge until 30 days prior to departure. Tour members and/or travel agents will be advised of any surcharge on their tour at this time. If a rate increase of more than 7% is necessary, clients may cancel with no penalties.

SERVICES NOT PROVIDED BY HANOVER HOLIDAY TOURS LIMITED: Passengers who are not travelling on full tour itinerary as outlined by Hanover Holiday Tours Limited, or passengers who are booking their own transportation and/or are taking a tour on a land only basis, assume full responsibility for any cancellation penalties or extra expenses incurred on airfares, train tickets, etc. due to cancellation or alteration of the itinerary in any way, by Hanover Holiday Tours Limited.

SEATING: There are NO reserved seats on motorcoaches. To ensure that passengers share vantage points, seats are rotated at the direction of the tour director. Seats on other conveyances are assigned by the carrier, but open to requests and/or fees.

SMOKING or drinking ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES is not allowed on the motor coach. Please be advised many hotels are now 100% smoke free and smoking in the hotel room is not available and may be subject to a cleaning fee to the customer if room is smoked in.

ACCOMMODATION: All hotels listed in itineraries have been confirmed at the time of printing, but are subject to change. On most tours, TWIN refers to two persons sharing one room with two beds; however, in some areas, only one double bed may be available, so please specify at time of booking if you wish two separate beds. TRIPLE or QUAD usually refers to three or four persons sharing one room with two double beds, with one private bath. Please keep in mind that in some areas local customs may mean that there is a change in the type of accommodation provided.

E TICKETS: All information is emailed to travel agent two weeks prior to departure, providing all payments have been received. Air flight schedules are finalized 30 days prior to departure.

ITEMS LEFT ON TOUR: Items left behind on a tour will be returned at the owner’s expense.

BAGGAGE: Maximum baggage allowance on motorcoach tours is one large suitcase per person, with a weight limit of 50 lbs. At this time, we are unable to prepay baggage fees by airlines and will be payable upon arrival at the airport. All hand luggage must be carried personally aboard the motorcoach or aircraft. Although the Tour Director and Coach Driver supervise the transfer of luggage to and from the motorcoach and every effort is made to handle all luggage as carefully as possible, Hanover Holiday Tours Limited cannot assume liability for loss, theft or damage due to breakage, fire, water, etc.

RESPONSIBILITY: "Responsibility of Hanover Holiday Tours Limited, Hanover, Ontario. Hanover Holiday Tours Limited acts solely as organizer of the tours outlined in this brochure and is responsible for making all reservations and charting the routes as outlined but it is expressly understood and agreed between the tour organizer and the passengers that Hanover Holiday Tours Limited or its agents shall not be held responsible for:
a) Non-performance on the part of any hotel or other accommodation for any act or omission that cannot be directly attributed to the neglect of the tour organizer;
b) Any delays, misconnections, loss, damage or injury to persons or property or for mechanical defects or failure, however caused or for any substitution of hotels or carrier equipment beyond the control of the tour operator, or for any additional expenses occasioned thereby;
c) Any inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration whether physical or mental however caused, except where caused directly by the tour operator;
d) Any additional costs incurred or any ancillary loss sustained as a result of cancellations or delays of tours caused by inclement weather conditions, acts of God, or any other event, which result in one or more persons being unable to continue or complete the tour through no direct fault of the tour organizer.
The tour organizer reserves the right to make any changes before or during the tour for the comfort and enjoyment of the passengers and it is agreed and understood that any increase in costs occasioned by such change shall be paid by the passengers or any decrease in costs occasioned by the change shall be refunded to the passenger.
All tour itineraries are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.
Hanover Holiday Tours Limited shall have no responsibilities beyond their refund of all monies paid by the passenger which is deemed to constitute full settlement. Refund shall be credited in form received.
The tour organizer reserves the right to decline any person as a member of the tour at any time before or during the tour should such person's presence be considered detrimental to the interest, comfort and enjoyment of the other tour members. Persons leaving the tour during operation will not receive a refund of unused services.
Hanover Holiday Tours Limited, its agents and all passengers agree that the conditions set out herein are part of the terms between the passenger and the tour organizer.
Acceptance of the ticket for the tour or any deposit given to the tour organizer will represent an acceptance by the passenger of all the aforementioned conditions.

Tour arrangements by Hanover Holiday Tours Limited, 73 14th Ave, HANOVER, Ontario N4N 3W9 Tel. (519) 364-4911 Fax. (519) 364-2299
For information call: 1-800-265-5530, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All tours on World Wide Web Site: www.hanoverholidays.com
Registered under the Travel Industry Act, Ontario Registration
Wholesale #1158989 and Retail #1613915.


Tour arrangements by Hanover Holiday Tours Limited, 73 14th Ave, HANOVER, Ontario N4N 3W9 Tel. (519) 364-4911 Fax. (519) 364-2299
For information call: 1-800-265-5530, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All tours on World Wide Web Site: www.hanoverholidays.com
Registered under the Travel Industry Act, Ontario Registration
Wholesale #1158989 and Retail #1613915.


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