At Hanover Holidays we are proud of our supplier relationships and rely heavily on their expertise to provide terrific and relaxing experiences for our guests.  That is why we choose our suppliers very carefully, and then instead of changing suppliers we attempt to build a long lasting and trustworthy relationship which leads to a better understanding of our customer needs.   We are proud to work with each of the following motor coach companies;

Cherrey Bus Lines

Cherrey Bus Lines

Our preferred motor coach provider when the tours depart Ontario, this relationship spans almost 40 years!   Together we have worked hard to understand our customers wants and desires from the motor coach transportation.   This information has led Cherrey Bus Lines to modernize their motor coaches with features such as charging outlets at each seat and onboard WIFI.   The Cherrey drivers are first class operators who all have a great deal of experience with the Hanover Holidays’ itineraries and Tour Directors making for a relaxing customer experience!

Hanover Parsons

Parsons and Sons

With so many back roads and small fishing outports in Newfoundland, we knew a reliable and local Coach Operator was required for our Newfoundland tours.   Working together for well over 15 years, this company provides our customers with a modern motor coach and safe operators, who also bring their Newfoundland humour to each tour.   Every Newfoundlander wants you to fall in love with their province and the great people at Parsons and Son bring that to each Hanover Holiday Newfoundland tour!