Special Notice regarding the Legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana in Canada

With the legalization of Marijuana in Canada comes a lot of confusion around the use and transportation of Cannabis products. This notice attempts to clarify our understanding of the implications when crossing International Borders and interprovincial borders, along with the new policies adopted by Hanover Holiday Tours Limited, effective immediately.

On October 17, 2018, the Federal Canadian Government has made the consumption of Cannabis and Cannabis based products legal. Additionally, a number of individual U.S. states have legalized these substances. However, transporting any Cannabis product across any International Border is absolutely illegal, including leaving or returning to Canada, even if you are crossing into a state that has legalized Cannabis.

The US Border authorities have gone a step further to advise us that persons carrying Cannabis or Cannabis products, in any form across their borders will receive a lifetime ban from entering the United States. Additionally, persons who have used any Cannabis products, even for Medicinal reasons; persons who are employed by a Cannabis producer or distribution company; OR persons who own shares or investments in Cannabis producing companies are all not eligible for entry in the United States and may also face a lifetime ban from entering the United States.

Once at the border, either leaving Canada OR returning to Canada, authorities have the right to conduct a full and thorough search of the vehicle, all contents of the vehicle, the passengers and all property travelling with each passenger. This may include the use of specially trained dogs.

In Ontario, a new law regarding operation of Commercial Vehicles declares that all drivers must be 100% free of alcohol, marijuana and illegal drugs.

For these reasons, Hanover Holiday Tours Limited has no choice but to completely disallow any person on any of our vehicles from transporting any amount of Cannabis/Marijuana in any of its forms. Any person found in possession of Cannabis/Marijuana in any form, will be asked to leave that tour, with no refund given. Please note that this policy applies equally to our Canadian, United States and International destination tours. This policy applies equally to either leisure or medicinal use, even if the passenger in question has a valid prescription.

Should any passenger of any of our tours be denied entry to the United States or denied boarding of an airplane, if the tour begins with an air flight, that individual will be required to make their own arrangements home, at their own cost and the full cancellation charges of the tour will apply.

Adherence to this policy and awareness of the U.S. authorities zero tolerance of these products, will allow all of our passengers to enjoy each tour package to the fullest and with minimal disruption.

Jim Diebel