Dear Travel Friends,

While I wish we were all walking along a sandy beach, unfortunately with the continued efforts to stop COVID 19, the new Stay at Home order in Ontario, means we all must wait a little longer.  Thank you to our loyal customers who continue to reach out and let us know, when it is possible, you will be ready to go!  I understand your “itch” to travel, our staff is ready to welcome you back on board just as soon as we can.

As the majority of our clients are 55+, we feel using the outmost caution is necessary before we begin our travels again.  When will this be?  I wish we knew the answer.  We must wait until Public Health deems it safe to travel, and with vaccinations beginning, the light at the end of the tunnel is much brighter than just a few months ago.  Our hope is for Canadian tours to begin in the summer, with further destinations added late fall.  We will continue to post some new tours to website, with no deposits required on any new booking until March 1!

We hope you are staying healthy and safe, and we look forward to more travels in 2021!

Best regards,

Diane Diebel, V.P.

Hanover Holiday Tours Limited.