March 29, 2022

As Hanover Holidays begins our 2022 Touring Season, we have had our costs impacted dramatically by the sharp rise in the cost of fuel.   Following the COVID  2-year shutdown of our business, the significant rise in diesel fuel, comes at a challenging time for our business.

Since 1993, Diane and I have only implemented a fuel surcharge once, and we decided to bring forward those same goals on which we based our previous surcharge, to meet our current situation.   First, keep the surcharge to an amount only needed to cover our actual costs and second, create a very simple method of calculating the surcharge for every tour.

Recognizing a 60% increase in fuel cost and in consultation with our Motor Coach suppliers, along with the surcharges being implemented by several venues, the basic calculation arrives at a figure of $11.00 per person, per travel day.   To achieve both goals, we have rounded this amount down to  $8.00 per person per travel day.

This surcharge is effective as of today’s date and will be implemented on all tours as May 1, 2022, until further notice, depending on fuel prices.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.



**Updated May 15, 2022