Did you realize that Motor Coach Travel is
The Safest…the most Energy Efficient…and the most Environmentally friendly!!


Aboard  today’s  Motor  Coach!!

  • The  Safest  –  Over the most recent 10 year period for which data is available, travelling by bus has been the safest mode of inter-city travel.   During the last 11 years there have been just over 1,000 recorded accidents on average and less than 16 onboard fatalities on average per year!   Impressive in that these same motor coaches are estimated to have travelled more than 64 Billion miles per year.  During those same 11 years, cars in Canada only, experienced an average of 163,660 accidents per year, with an average of 2,031 fatalities per year.
  • Most Energy Efficient –  The motor coach industry provides the most fuel efficient form of passenger transportation!   In 2017 the average motor coach attained 280.1 passenger miles per gallon of fuel.   The next most fuel efficient mode of passenger transportation is the Train at an average of 74.1 passenger miles per gallon of fuel.
  • Most Environmentally Friendly –  Ever since January of 2010, the Motor Coach Industry has worked with engine manufacturers to greatly reduce the carbon footprint of a motor coach.   On average the motor coach produces 36.7 gallons of CO2 per passenger mile, compared to 141.7 gallons of CO2 produced by Intercity Train or 269.1 gallons of CO2 per passenger mile produced by the average car trip.   Tremendous reductions of Nitrogen Oxide pollution have been made.

**All fuel and pollution numbers quoted are provided by a 2018 Study, researched by Georgetown University, Washington DC