Hanover Holiday Tours Limited is fully committed to the satisfaction and safety of our customers. To this end, we have established the following Policies with respect to the handling of any and all customer information that we may find in our possession. These policies will be the guide for all Hanover Holidays staff and the manners in which they conduct themselves, with respect to the careful handling and usage of all information entrusted to our company.
This Privacy Policy covers Hanover Holidays and any brands owned by Hanover Holidays.

Collecting Information

At Hanover Holidays there can only be one of 5 reasons to collect private information from a customer, or potential customer. For the purposes of;
1. mailing brochures, flyers or other Hanover Holiday product information
2. booking a client(s) on a specific tour package
3. to provide a family member or friend of a potential customer with a Gift Certificate
4. when a customer, or potential customer, is completing a ballet for a contest and prize give-away, when the prize is provided by Hanover Holidays.
5. providing medical information in the case of an emergency developing during a tour

Written Information

Comment Forms and Traveller’s Medical Forms are the two most common written forms of private information collected by Hanover Holidays.
Comment Forms – are collected at the end of each tour by the Tour Director who then brings it to the office or mailed by the customer directly to Hanover Holidays’ offices. The Comment Form contains customer’s thoughts and opinions of the tour on which they have just travelled, and sometimes contains the customers name, address, telephone number and email address. Once received at the Hanover Holidays’ office, employees transfer this information to an internal Hanover Holidays’ data base. The paper copy of the Comment Form is filed with the appropriate tour and destroyed after 7 to 10 years of storage.
Traveller’s Medical Forms – are collected by the Tour Director at the beginning of each tour. In the unfortunate event that a medical emergency arises with that customer, proper and immediate medical history can be provided to the attending medical officials in order expedite the correct medical diagnosis and treatment. Customers can choose to NOT provide Hanover Holidays with this completed Form, but they then assume full responsibility of the results that little or no information may contain. At the end of each Tour, customers will have their own Traveller’s Medical Form returned to them.

Telephone or Emailed Information

Once a customer chooses to give/send personal information to Hanover Holidays’ staff, whether
over the telephone or via email, this information will be directly entered into the on-site company
electronic data-base. This information is stored at Hanover Holidays’ main office location only
and only accessed by Hanover Holidays’ office staff, for the purposes of mailing information,
flyers, brochures or documents, regarding Hanover Holidays’ products.

Use of Information

Any and all private customer information held by Hanover Holidays will ONLY be used by
Hanover Holidays’ staff for the purposes of:
1. administering tour information
2. marketing to past customers
3. marketing to potential customers that have expressed an interest in Hanover Holidays’
Exception – the only exception to this policy, is when Hanover Holidays’ contracted computer
software companies work with Hanover Holidays’ computers to solve Hanover Holidays’
technical issues.

Selling Customer Information

Hanover Holidays is absolutely committed to never selling any customer information to a third
party under any circumstances.

Passing on Customer Information to Hanover Holidays’ Suppliers

Hanover Holidays will only pass the information to our suppliers, provided to us, by our
customers, as is deemed necessary by Hanover Holidays.

Passing on Customer Information to other Hanover Holidays’ Customers

Under no circumstances will Hanover Holidays, in written or verbal form, disclose customer
information to other individuals who either contact Hanover Holidays’ offices or travel on a tour
with Hanover Holidays. The only reporting of customer private information would be if Hanover
Holidays is required to do so by law and/or legal authorities.