Washington Reviews

April 2022

Rosemary was very efficient and well informed, and George always took us right to the doors for on and off. Hotels were excellent. Very pleased with all we did and seen in Washington. The parade, Arlington Cemetery, never knew how big or all the history there. Step on guide very informative-easy to follow, with just the right amount of info.

R Holden

April 2022

Rosemary is an excellent guide, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. George, our Denny's driver, was professional, safe and made the trip so relaxing. Country Inn and Suites was my favourite hotel. I enjoyed being in downtown Washington. That was a great location to stay. Rest stops along the way were well timed and much appreciated. I enjoyed everything about this tour. Loved that we had reserved seating for the parade. Rosemary and George were wonderful as usual!

C McGregor