Hanover Holiday Tours will handle one large suitcase per person at hotels, weight limit of 50 lbs., with hand luggage carried personally aboard the motor coach. Your supplied luggage tags should be secured to your large piece of luggage by the tour director or driver upon arrival at the motor coach.  This tag identifies your luggage on the motor coach and at hotels.

Carry jewelry, money, important documents, medication, glasses or contact lenses in your hand luggage.  Every effort is taken to ensure that your luggage is handled with extreme care by the motor coach driver and transfers drivers.  However, we recommend that you purchase baggage insurance as we cannot accept responsibility for any damage which may occur.  If you notice damage at any time throughout the tour, please report it to the tour director immediately.  Please do not pack your laptop or other electronic equipment in your checked baggage.

As indicated in the Terms and Conditions on the Hanover Holidays Tour Brochure, your Tour Director will lead you through the Seat Rotation process once aboard the Motor Coach.   Recently, a number of people have asked us to not be included in the Seat Rotation.   Our policy is that, if any passengers do not wish to participate in Seat Rotation, they should indicate this to the Tour Director when first boarding the Motor Coach and then sit behind the last of the passengers, who are participating in Seat Rotation.