Maritimes and Newfoundland




Enclosed in your Tour Documents you will find a Tour Membership Ticket.  This ticket shows the time and place where you are to join the tour.  Please be on time.  Please note Hanover Holidays has no pre arranged parking arrangements at departure points.  Should you experience a delay in reaching your joining point, please call 1-800-265-5530.  This number is available 24 hours a day.  If calling after hours, please press Option #2 to speak to the person on call.  You could be picked up at your pick-up point by the motor coach, courtesy van or taxi.  Please be on the look-out for such.  While all of the pick-up times are based on our 48 years of experience, weather, traffic and road conditions could potentially cause a delay.   Please be patient and call the office if your transportation is more than 10 minutes late.



Your personal identification documentation is very valuable.  May we suggest you may wish to copy your identification and leave with family at home or carry separately with you while on tour.  Should this information become lost or stolen, it may assist in obtaining replacements.


Travel Restrictions

Please print and carry the official Vaccine Certificate from the Ontario Provincial Government or download the Ontario QR code.  Proof may be required to enter restaurants, attractions and the motor coach. Photo ID is also required for the ferry and some venues.


Every Hanover Holiday Tour Director has been specially trained to conduct your tour in a friendly and professional manner.  The tour director is responsible to ensure that you receive all that was advertised to be included in your tour package at the level expected by the company.

The tour director is on call 24 hours a day, and should an emergency arise, he/she will assist you in acquiring any services that are needed.

It is the duty of the tour director to make the tour run as smoothly as possible, and to enhance your enjoyment of it.  If a situation arises that you need help or if you have any problems, please inform the tour director immediately so it can be resolved as soon as possible.  Most times, the tour director can correct the problem on the spot, but only if he/she knows about it.  It is to your benefit as well as ours, that you inform him/her of any minor detail which could corrected to help make your tour more enjoyable.



Hanover Holiday Tours will handle one large suitcase per person at hotels, weight limit of 50 lbs., with hand luggage carried personally aboard the motor coach. Your luggage tag will be secured to your large piece of luggage by the tour director or driver upon arrival at the motor coach.  This tag identifies your luggage on the motor coach and at hotels.

Carry jewelry, money, important documents, medication, glasses or contact lenses in your hand luggage.  Every effort is taken to ensure that your luggage is handled with extreme care by the motor coach driver and transfers drivers.  However, we recommend that you purchase baggage insurance as we cannot accept responsibility for any damage which may occur.  If you notice damage at any time throughout the tour, please report it to the tour director immediately.  Please do not pack your laptop or other electronic equipment in your checked baggage.  Please note, while Cannabis is legal in Canada, Cannabis in any form may not be transported on any Hanover Holidays mode of transportation.  Non compliance will result in removal from tour, with no refund given.



Due to the wide acceptance of credit cards and debit cards, it is unwise and unnecessary to travel with large amounts of cash on your person while travelling.  Please remember to keep PIN numbers and cards secure.


No seat rotation at this time.  Assigned by booking date/medical reasons.



Hanover Holidays has noted your request and specifications in regards to room type, allergies or special dietary requirements.  Please refer to your tour membership ticket for your requests.  Please note, room assignments are strictly at the discretion of each hotel, but your request is noted on your file.  Dietary needs/restrictions may not be accommodated fully on all tour itineraries.  Deluxe continental breakfast consists of standard fare of fruit/juice, cereal/oatmeal, yogurt, toast/muffins, and coffee/tea.  Substitutions in some cases may not be available to accommodate your specific need.  Specific food requirements/allergies should be forwarded at booking to enable us to forewarn hotels/restaurants of the requirements, to try and meet your request to the best of our ability.   Please note, many people have sensitivity to perfumes and cologne, and as such, we require all our guests to refrain from wearing such while on tour.



For moderate eating, please allow approx. $45.00 CDN Funds per person per day.  Since individual tastes differ greatly, we try to choose places with varied menus.  Prices will vary with the area and your eating habits.  It is an accepted custom in restaurants/dining rooms to leave a gratuity for your waiter/waitress in the amount of 10-15% of your bill.  Some meals are included in your tour cost.  Please refer to your itinerary.



Your name tag will be handed out by your tour director, as you are boarding the coach on the morning of departure.  While on tour, we would ask you to wear the name tag to identify us as a group.



Temperatures will range from day time highs of 25 Celsius to a low of 6.  Take along an all-weather coat for the cooler weather.  Dressing in layers is best.  Comfortable walking shoes are a must and it is wise to travel with a small fold-up umbrella and hand sanitizer.  We would also suggest you may consider packing a small flashlight, and portable alarm clock.  Masks are required to board and exit the motor coach, and may be required to be worn at some attractions, please ensure to pack a sufficient supply for duration of tour as they will not be provided.



Every Hanover Holiday tour is created based on our more than 48 years of experience.  We include attractions and opportunities that are intended to give you a unique feel for the region into which you are travelling.  While your personal preference might be to spend more time at one attraction and less at another, please keep in mind that there will probably be someone on the tour that feels differently.  To enjoy your tour to the fullest, keep your mind open to the enjoyment that can be derived from each visit and share the enthusiasm that others may have for certain activities.  Getting to know your fellow travellers will add a lot of fun to your tour and usually enhance your overall travel experience.  While a group photo may be requested, we ask you to respect the privacy of others who may not wish to have their photo taken.  For those wishing to participate, please note Hanover Holidays has no control where photos taken may be posted by tour participants.   As well, due to the Privacy laws Hanover Holidays will not provide a name list of the group travelling.



Attached in your tour documents is a passenger statistical sheet which we would like you to complete and give to the tour director on the day of departure.  This information may be crucial in a medical emergency.



Please be sure to forward or print a copy for your family or friends should you need to be contacted in case of an emergency.  Please note ferry accommodation is twin/quad share berths as assigned by Marine Atlantic.  Travelling companions will be in the same berth.



You have chosen one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel.  To that end, we are continually reviewing ways we can further reduce our carbon footprint and waste.  Recycling is a great option, but when we can reuse items, this is better.  To that end, we will no longer offer individual plastic bottles of water for sale onboard our motor coaches.  We suggest bringing a reusable/refillable container and help us all reduce the amount of waste we produce.



Gratuities are not included for your tour director or driver and are left at, and in your sole discretion.

The industry standard for each is $4.00 per person per day.

We suggest you keep this as an individual activity between you and the staff member involved.



You will be returned to your joining point on the last day of the tour.  If you have someone meeting you, please advise them to call 1-800-265-5530 after 3:00 p.m. to find out the time of your arrival.



We appreciate your understanding and patience as tourism returns and our suppliers re-open.  As recovery begins regular services may not yet be available.  Staff shortages are an issue for everyone including restaurants, museums and hotels.  On multiple night stays, many hotels are no longer offering daily housekeeping.  If you wish to have your towels refreshed or your room cleaned, please contact the front desk or your tour director for assistance.