Every Hanover Holiday tour is created based on our more than 46 years of experience.  We include attractions and opportunities that are intended to give you a unique feel for the region into which you are travelling.  While your personal preference might be to spend more time at one attraction and less at another, please keep in mind that there will probably be someone on the tour that feels differently.  To enjoy your tour to the fullest, keep your mind open to the enjoyment that can be derived from each visit and share the enthusiasm that others may have for certain activities.  Getting to know your fellow travellers will add a lot of fun to your tour and usually enhance your overall travel experience.  While a group photo may be requested, we ask you to respect the privacy of others who may not wish to have their photo taken.  For those wishing to participate, please note Hanover Holidays has no control where photos taken may be posted by tour participants.   As well, due to the Privacy laws Hanover Holidays will not provide a name list of the group travelling.